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In light of the increasing labour shortages, it has never been more important to offer competitive wages to attract and retain top talent.

Today’s marketplace has changed in many ways. For a winning strategy, companies must offer current and future employees competitive salaries they won’t be able to refuse, making our Compensation Evaluation a priceless tool.

Our Compensation Evaluation gives you the insights you need to easily balance internal pay equity to your current employees and be an attractive employer of choice to external candidates.

You’ll be able to accurately reflect and easily manage your pay practices across job families, departments, or divisions.

We make it easy to communicate pay throughout your organization.  Receive ready to communicate critical pay data to managers and business leaders with presentation-ready reports to have the right pay conversations with staff.

Included in your Compensation Evaluation:

  1. Development and/or review of job description
  2. Identification of scope
  3. Determine market pay position (IE: percentile willing to pay)
  4. Compensation Research
  5. Report including aggregate data and recommendations rooted in Human Resource best practices
  6. Job evaluation to ensure internal equity available at an additional cost, depending on number of distinct positions

Pricing: $2500 for the first job, $500 for every additional job in the same report.

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