• Do you offer remote or on-site HR consulting support?  

We offer both on-site and remote support options for our clients. Weekly on-site support is available within HRM, and periodic visits outside of HRM are also possible.   

  • I don’t know the amount of support I need and am hesitant to make a long-term commitment, do you have short-term options?  

Yes! All our service agreements include a 30-day opt-out clause. We can also start working with you on an hourly basis. Our free workplace assessment will help you identify your needs, cost, and timelines. 

  • What services do you offer?  

We offer a wide range of HR services including, but not limited to, recruitment, compensation analysis, strategy, career transition, performance management, termination support, policy development, employee relations, workshops and training. 

  • I need help hiring but I can’t afford a recruitment firm, can you help me?   

Yes! We are not a contingency recruitment firm; we help businesses hire at a fraction of the cost with much more hands-on support.  

  • Is HR consulting only for large businesses, or do you work with small and medium-sized businesses as well?  

We work with businesses of all sizes and across many industries. We tend to work mostly with small and medium-sized businesses, most of our clients have less than 100 employees. We also work with non-profits and start-ups.   

  • I would like to have employment agreements for employees, do I need to contact a lawyer? 

No, we have customizable employment agreements that have been reviewed and approved by legal counsel.  

  • What if I only need an HR consultant sometimes or just for one issue?  

We have lots of clients who only reach out to us when they need us. That could be once a month or once a year!   

  • My business is seasonal. What if my support needs fluctuate throughout the year?  

We have flexible plan options that adapt to the needs of your business.   

  • What sets your HR consulting firm apart from others in the industry?  

We are truly a fractional human resource partner for your entire team covering all functional areas of HR. With our team of professionals, you have seamless coverage throughout the year and access to diverse experiences and expertise.  

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