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What Exactly is Perfomance Management?

At uptreeHR Inc. we believe that complicated formal performance management programs are a thing of the past and relationship building through communication is the future. Check out my blog Why you should ditch your performance review process. We help Managers open the lines of communication with their employees and build stronger relationships through deliberate meaningful communication strategies that facilitate increased performance, more engaged employees, and impactful recognition.

Our 5 Week Program Includes

  • 30 minute preliminary session
  • 3 hour workshop on the performance management process
  • 4 weekly consults (1 hour max) to tackle implementation steps.
  • Tools and reference material
  • 1 year membership in the Atlantic Leadership Society (quarterly networking & coaching sessions)

This solution will revolutionize the way you lead your team. As a result, your team will feel more connected to the business, more empowered to add value and less “monitored” in their day to day work. When performance management becomes natural in your day to day communication, everyone wins. Stop evaluating your employees on a scale of 1-10 and help them maximize their potential!

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