The Respectful Termination

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The Respectful Termination

The toughest Job…

There is likely nothing worse for a Manager than having to terminate an employee. It doesn’t matter if it was performance related or if it’s a company restructure it is never a pleasant conversation. However, you can make employee terminations easier on the employee by treating them with dignity and respect throughout the process. The best part is – that doesn’t cost you a thing. At uptreeHR Inc., we truly believe terminated employees can be the most influential of company alumni. They are out there either promoting or detracting from your business based on how your handle this situation.

Our solution outlines your legal responsibilities and the risk associated with employee termination. In addition, we provide the legal documentation required to help protect you from litigation. At uptreeHR Inc., we focus on respectful communication when you deliver the message. We coach you on how, when and with whom you should conduct the employee termination. Furthermore, we help you develop checklists and speaking points to communicate to the rest of your team.

This solution ensures all parties understand the agreement, the employee feels supported, and the employer risk is minimized. As such, it includes the following:

  • 30 minute preliminary session
  • 45 minute legal consult outlining options and risks
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • 30 minute consult on message delivery
  • Termination checklist
  • 30 minute post conversation debrief

Don’t be left on the hook for litigation, a disgruntled employee, or anxious team. Obtain the professional advice you need for a Respectful Termination.

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