With the rapid advancements in technology, many organizations and individuals are turning to Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as ChatGPT, to enhance productivity and reduce time on tasks. However, there are serious concerns companies need to address with employees using AI in order to protect the company and mitigate risk. To address these concerns, companies should establish a Generative AI Use Policy.

This policy should highlight the risks associated with AI, including potential intellectual property (IP) infringement, security and confidentiality issues, and inaccuracies in output. To mitigate these risks, employees should be educated on using AI only in low-risk situations, thoroughly reviewing AI-generated output for accuracy and IP infringement, and never inputting confidential company information into AI systems.

By implementing a well-defined Generative AI Use Policy, organizations can harness the power of AI responsibly and ethically, ensuring a secure and compliant working environment.

Michelle MacFadgen is a Human Resource Consultant with uptreeHR Inc, a Human Resource business partner for small to medium sized businesses. Michelle and the team are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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